I am a 67 year old who finally has the time, enthusiastic dedication and resources to devote myself to the joy of making visual art. I have a lifetime behind me of art teaching, entrepreneurship, child rearing and manual labor. Now in retirement, I have been creating in oil and acrylic paint speaking my heart through visual story-telling. It is time to begin getting my art work out of the studio.

Artist’s Statement:   

I believe that there is a life force or energy generated from all living and organic things. This force, I believe, is shared, exchanged and expressed all the time. Being still in art-making allows me to experience these interactions and  exchanges. I am drawn to witnessing the energy between people, people and  nature and nature itself.   

The discipline of materials and composition, the language of art-making, dictates my vocabulary. I try to strike a balance between the tension of language and my experience. My discipline, I hope, allows me to express these exchanges. 

My intent is that the context of the subject, the composition of the work, the texture, lines, brushstrokes and colors manifest and expresses these exchanges. I often discover that this actually happens during the process of  creating. I also believe that I am attracted to these moments because these  elements at the time are coming together in a unified expression. Seeing instead of looking is truly a gift to my soul.


2020: Juried show, Roux & Cyr International Art Gallery, Portland, Me

2021: Solo Exhibit: Natural Connections, Lakeside Contemporary Art Gallery, Rangeley, Me

2021: Juried Show, Yarmouth Arts Festival

2021-2023:  Richard Boyd Art Gallery, Portland, Me

July 2022: Solo Exhibit, Flow & Foundation, Mainly Galley and Studio, Belfast, Me

2022: Group Exhibit: Witnessing Winter, Lakeside Contemporary Art Gallery, Rangeley, Me

Winter 2023: Solo Exhibit, Saddleback Mountain Lodge, Me

2023: Solo Exhibit, Osprey Arts Centre, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada

Contact Info:

krishortonart.com.    khorton21@earthlink.net.    207.807.8207